Merry Christmas!

Hi, it's me, the all mighty Coty Miller! Well... All mighty is far from, but I'm still awesome! ;)

Anyway, merry Christmas from us here at codercats, I wish you a merry Christmas yada yada yada! Onto the Gifts right!? Well, your in luck, this year I have some goddies for you! Sorry I meant to have more, but due to being sick, and some issues at work... and well, okay I've been playing xbox... Can you blame me? Ahahha, but no really, I have been sick and having issues, but enough long sad storries ruining your evening egg nog!

I pride myslef with the title "Kernel Developer", now it's time for me to release something, without further a due, some things I have written, all rapped up in a zip, 2 have never been publicly released, the other, helium-os, was my pride and joy for some time! They are all little OS demos, that are written in assembly language and are less that 512 bytes... Yes, they go on the boot sector! B-)

The good stuff away from all the yackidy yack

Download ZIP

This zip contains: A pmode multitasking demo, lba 28 demo, and a chs hard disk demo.

If you decide you want more yacknog, there is some more in "Readme.txt" ;)